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June 23, 2020 - Out-of-control fireworks are another bad sign for NYC
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Slow start for Phase 2 suggests NYC's got a very long way to go
New York finally began Phase Two reopening Monday — and it wasn't with a bang. The subway didn't look much different from last week, nor the commuter trains. An Uber…
Out-of-control fireworks are another bad sign for NYC
Illegal fireworks are going off every night, all across the city, at levels normally seen only...
Spelling out Hong Kong's doom
China's rulers have now released the text of the proposed crush-Hong Kong law, and it's worse...
Rich Lowry
They're aiming at Jefferson, but the real target is America
They're coming for Thomas Jefferson. This was always obvious, but now it's even more plain. Protesters...
Max Eden
The 'anti-racist' drive to turn schools into woke propaganda mills
School will be a very different place next academic year. Classes will be less full; desks,...
Bob McManus
Welcome to the Summer of Slay, America
Welcome to the blood-slicked sidewalks of summer. It's going to be a long one. And hot....
Toppling history — and nuance and other commentary
Culture watch: Toppling History — and Nuance Many liberals "really do think that America is fascist,"...
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