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July 18, 2020 - Hackers targeted 130 of Twitter's most popular accounts in shocking attack
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Walmart says health ambassadors up to task of enforcing mask rule
In a week that saw big chains like Kohl's, CVS and Target announce that all shoppers must wear masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus, only Walmart said it is…
Hackers targeted 130 of Twitter's most popular accounts in shocking attack
Hackers targeted about 130 Twitter accounts in their unprecedented attack on some of the platform's most...
Drive-in esports arenas may soon be opening across the US
Drive-in esports arenas may be the next attraction in the coronavirus era. Real estate firm Horizon...
NBCUniversal staffers brace for widespread layoffs
The axe is about to fall at media giant NBCUniversal to offset losses brought on by...
Feds probe John Travolta pal's lavish lifestyle
A Hollywood playboy who hobnobs with celebrities like John Travolta and Manny Pacquiao is in the...
TikTok removes thousands of European coronavirus videos: report
TikTok says it took down some 29,000 coronavirus videos in Europe from January to June as...
Larry Fink urges mask wearing to aid US economic recovery
Larry Fink wants you to put on a mask so he can stop worrying about the...
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