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July 18, 2020 - COVID-19 strains can be identified by cluster of symptoms, study says
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Deadly NYC nursing homes hit with lawsuits from grieving families
When Janice Esposito's husband showed symptoms of the coronavirus while at a Queens nursing home, she frantically called the facility's doctor. What he said...
COVID-19 strains can be identified by cluster of symptoms, study says
The coronavirus has six strains and each can be identified by a cluster of symptoms that could help doctors identify patients with severe cases,...
Coronavirus may be sexually transmitted and cause male infertility: study
A new study claims the coronavirus can not only rob you of your taste and smell — it may leave men infertile and could...
Critics of NJ's COVID-19 rules can 'go down to Georgia', says Gov. Phil Murphy
"If you don't like our leadership here, why don't you go down to Georgia, and see how that feels," Murphy said during his daily...
Rapid-fire finger prick test for coronavirus antibodies may be ready before 2021
The UK Rapid Test Consortium, made up of Oxford University and several British diagnostics firms, completed the test's first major human trials last month,...
Cristina Cuomo gets heat for maskless Hamptons yoga session
Cristina Cuomo, wife of Chris Cuomo, posted an Instagram video showing her doing a maskless yoga session.
Strife of the party: Wild video shows maskless revelers flooding streets
Large crowds of maskless revelers are packing the streets in Astoria and partying like there's no pandemic.
Chelsea Handler wears DIY bra made of face masks for workout
"People want their kids to go back to school and we're abusing our health care workers. Please find a mask and put it on...
China battles new COVID-19 outbreak in far west Xinjiang
China is facing yet another COVID-19 outbreak, this time in the expansive northwestern region of Xinjiang. The country's National Health Commission reported 17 new...
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