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July 5, 2020 - How Trump — not Biden — has helped make black lives better
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Remember the heroes and zeroes of the debate over slashing the NYPD budget
It's important to remember who stood where during last week's City Council vote to reduce the size of the NYPD.
Gianno Caldwell
How Trump — not Biden — has helped make black lives better
I celebrated this New Year's Eve in Ghana, Africa. I'd grown up poor with a mom...
Maureen Callahan
'Hamilton' film offers our imperfect union a message of hope
As our country convulses, Lin-Manuel Miranda's unlikely blockbuster, now 5 years old, has become something of...
Steven Malanga
We need to cut police pensions and benefits — not officers
New York City has approved a new, pandemic-squeezed budget that's making headlines because it includes a...
Steven W. Mosher
The world is finally uniting against China's bully tactics
Twenty Indian soldiers are murdered in a surprise cross-border attack by the People's Liberation Army. A...
Gavin Newsham
Pro golfers' careless behavior will jeopardize the Ryder Cup
Next week, the future of this year's Ryder Cup will be decided. While most other major...
Rich Lowry
There's absolutely no way Trump will drop out of the 2020 race
After he has repeatedly survived the unsurvivable, we are supposed to believe that President Trump might...
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