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August 25, 2020 - First night of RNC 2020 was very effective, to media's dismay
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Michael Goodwin
GOP makes compelling pitch to black voters during first night of RNC 2020
Black power has arrived. For the first time in modern memory, both of America's major political parties are making an all-out push for the votes of African-Americans. Good for them,…
John Podhoretz
First night of RNC 2020 was very effective, to media's dismay
The first night of the Republican National Convention was, all in all, sensationally effective — and...
Rich Lowry
Democrats are pretending the cities aren't burning
The Democratic convention portrayed an America suffering from every possible sort of malady — except urban...
How 'protecting tenants' hurts innocents
New York's habit of offering blanket protections for renters has a serious dark side, as Heidi...
Team Biden's two-faced games on anti-Semite Linda Sarsour
Joe Biden's campaign can't seem to make up its mind about notorious anti-Semite Linda Sarsour —...
In New York, the protests should be about shootings by civilians
A pair of shootings of black men by cops in Wisconsin and Louisiana has enflamed anti-police...
Jonathan S. Tobin
Why the Fifth Avenue 'Black Lives Matter' mural is another de Blasio disaster
It happened again this weekend: A pro-Trump protester vandalized the Black Lives Matter mural painted on...
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