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August 20, 2020 - Obama can give a speech, but it's not enough to lift Biden: Goodwin
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John Podhoretz
Joe Biden goes all-in on women voters to win 2020 presidential election
What do these three nights of the Democratic National Convention tell us about how the Biden campaign intends to win the election? Last night's proceedings made it clear the Bidenites…
Michael Goodwin
Obama can give a speech, but it's not enough to lift Biden: Goodwin
In December of 2007, Washington Post columnist David Broder began a column this way: "Barack Obama...
Miranda Devine
Democrats stay silent on violence in their cities: Devine
The timing could not have been more inconvenient for Democrats. The day before they eulogized the...
Steve Malanga
Joe Biden has surrendered middle ground on immigration by embracing left's extremism
In 2016, Donald Trump made immigration restrictions a signature campaign issue. Since then, Trump's aimed at...
David Marcus
Yes, America's really getting moral lectures from the party of Harvey Weinstein
If there's one thing former first lady Michelle Obama excels at, it's presenting an air of...
Robert Holden
What NYC needs to learn from the post-Isaias blackouts
One week after the fast-moving Tropical Storm Isaias blew through the city, thousands of New Yorkers...
Joe Biden faces at least two critical tests in Thursday night's speech
Even more than usual, the stakes are enormous for Joe Biden's speech Thursday night to the...
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