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August 29, 2020 - Why we felt called to open our Catholic schools full-time, in-person amid COVID-19
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Now 2020 campaigns go into high gear — except for Biden, who'll apparently be resting
With the conventions over, one of the strangest presidential races in American history moves into high gear. Or, well, sort of: It's still not clear how much Democratic nominee Joe…
Thomas Chiapelas
Why we felt called to open our Catholic schools full-time, in-person amid COVID-19
I am a member of a community of Catholics that has thought for months on whether...
Jonah Goldberg
Sadly, political conventions have completely outlived their purpose
The party conventions are over — and I don't just mean the 2020 conventions. In one...
Finally sworn in as a citizen — eight decades after he fought for America
Isidore Bertone volunteered at 18 for the Navy in 1943 and served aboard the USS Zir­­con,...
China's 260 concentration camps are proof of pure evil
It turns out the Chinese Communist Party is bent on permanently locking up much of the...
Trump redefined the race and other commentary
RNC journal: Trump Redefined the Race Democrats' strategy doesn't involve Joe Biden winning, argues Daniel McCarthy...
Jonathan S. Tobin
Phil Murphy's horrific lack of leadership on New Jersey school reopenings
Nothing tests leaders like a crisis. But if you think we should judge President Trump by...
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