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August 28, 2020 - The Kennedy dynasty may be well and truly over
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Michael Goodwin
Trump goes scorched earth in RNC 2020 acceptance speech: Goodwin
And on Day 4, there was no more Mr. Nice Guy! Republicans spent the better part of three nights in their convention presenting softer and gentler sides of President Trump,…
Maureen Callahan
The Kennedy dynasty may be well and truly over
This may be the last Kennedy. Finally.
John Podhoretz
In RNC 2020 speech, Trump was the one thing he usually isn't: Boring
Sorry, I have to say it: After a mostly brilliant four days that engaged the emotions...
Sheldon Silver finally pays (some) for his crimes
Sheldon Silver is finally getting at least some of what he deserves: real time behind bars....
Why Nancy Pelosi's nervous about Joe Biden debating Donald Trump
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just became the latest, and highest-profile, Democrat to give nominee Joe Biden...
Vigilantism, like rioting, violates the social order
Just as much as rioting, vigilantism is a violation of healthy social order — with horrific...
Rich Lowry
No, Trump hasn't made the Republican Party unrecognizable
President Trump took over the Republican Party, but it's still discernibly the GOP. The party's convention...
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