September 13, 2020 - NYSE may move trading systems from NJ over stock trade taxes
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Feds can't scapegoat Google and Big Tech as anti-trust targets forever
It seems that every week is a big week for Big Tech these days. Sometimes hitting record highs, sometimes taking a big hit. But I wouldn't be worried about market…
NYSE may move trading systems from NJ over stock trade taxes
The New York Stock Exchange has indicated that it will move its electronic trading systems out...
Shares of Tesla rival Nikola crater after 'fraud' accusation
One of Tesla's main rivals is planning to take legal action against an activist short-seller that...
Ron Perelman looking to sell massive Hamptons estate for $180M
Ron Perelman's infamous selling spree appears to continue with his palatial Hamptons estate, The Post has...
Apple loosens some of its in-app payment rules amid controversy
Apple on Friday published a revision of some of its App Store review guidelines, loosening some...
Unilever unit moves to increase diversity amid outrage over racist hair ad
The South African unit of Unilever will set up an advisory board and a diversity committee...
Amazon accused of price-gouging for essentials during COVID-19
A watchdog group accused Amazon of jacking up prices for essential goods it sold directly to...
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