September 25, 2020 - Century 21 plans hundreds of layoffs as it closes stores in coming weeks
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This is how Mark Cuban thinks DC can get the economy back on track
Billionaire sports owner Mark Cuban is advocating for a dramatic increase in the economic aid the federal government is providing to Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. The owner of the…
Century 21 plans hundreds of layoffs as it closes stores in coming weeks
Bankrupt off-price retailer Century 21 plans to lay off hundreds of workers when its 13 stores...
Godiva CEO Annie Young-Scrivner to step down after 3 years on the job
Godiva CEO Annie Young-Scrivner is leaving the high-end chocolatier after three years on the job. Young-Scrivner...
Several Google services suffer outages Thursday night
Several Google services, including Gmail, Hangouts and YouTube, briefly went down for many users across the...
Citigroup says racism has cost US economy $16 trillion
A Wall Street bank just put a price tag on racism in America, and it's a...
B&G Foods to remove black Cream of Wheat chef from packaging
B&G Foods said Thursday it would drop an image of a black chef from the packaging...
Amazon unveils security drone to fly around your home
Amazon isn't content to hear everything you say with its smart speakers. It now wants to...
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