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September 18, 2020 - As Cuomo slashes NY spending for everyone else, he keeps pork outlays flowing
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Karol Markowicz
De Blasio's latest school retreat sends clear message to parents: Give up on NYC
What a disaster: For the second time, New York City has delayed the start of school. This leaves parents like me up a creek. And it cheats kids yet again…
As Cuomo slashes NY spending for everyone else, he keeps pork outlays flowing
With the pandemic devastating state tax revenues, Gov. Andrew Cuomo quite rightly had his Division of...
Please, Mr. President: Quit trash-talking masks
Wear a mask: It's the most effective single technique right now for limiting COVID-19 spread, pending...
Jonathan S. Tobin
Canceling Beethoven is the latest woke madness for the classical-music world
Think some things are so beloved and essential to Western civilization they can't be canceled? Think...
Rich Lowry
Mideast experts aren't laughing at Jared Kushner anymore
Over the past several years, a new certainty was added to death and taxes: Jared Kushner...
By folding schools again, de Blasio proves his spine on permanent furlough
For all his talk about children's needs and the importance of in-school learning, Mayor de Blasio...
Focus on your base, Trump and other commentary
From the right: Focus on Your Base, Don "President Trump has work to do to ensure...
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