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September 2, 2020 - Cuomo, de Blasio must give NYC's restaurants a chance to survive
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Jonah Goldberg
The riot test: Democrats need to face the enemy to their left
Dems can't afford to kowtow to the hard left Last week, a mob of white protesters swarmed a white woman eating dinner in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC….
Cuomo, de Blasio must give NYC's restaurants a chance to survive
Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have clearly decided to let the city's restaurants...
As disorder rises, de Blasio is still finding new ways to handcuff cops
Mayor de Blasio just announced his latest step backward on crime: "We're taking the Obama Foundation...
Jacob Sullum
The numbers are clear: COVID is no real threat to kids
CDC confirms — again: Youth aren't at COVID risk The latest data on COVID-19 cases and...
Betsy McCaughey
Anti-Trump hysterics now look to block … a vaccine
'These are the same voices who . . . wish failure on [every] breakthrough.' Trump-haters are so determined...
Joe Biden needs to do better in calling out the rioters
Naturally, all the folks who'd been downplaying and/or defending the violence of the anti-cop demonstrations across...
Bill de Blasio's pathetic surrenders to NYC unions
Mayor Bill de Blasio just folded like a cheap beach chair — twice in two days,...
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