October 22, 2020 - Two people killed, five injured in separate Brooklyn shootings
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De Blasio goes for aimless strolls as city struggles to get by
The coronavirus is still gripping the city, a fiscal meltdown looms and New York has been rocked this year by civil unrest, but instead of stepping up, Mayor Bill de…
Two people killed, five injured in separate Brooklyn shootings
One person was killed and five others injured in a drive-by shooting in Brooklyn on Wednesday...
Cuomo has governed, handled COVID-19 better than de Blasio: poll
Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a better grip on COVID-19 than Mayor Bill de Blasio, according to...
Blast from the past: Bushwick subway platforms covered in graffiti
What decade is it, again? Bushwick commuters were greeted by a blast-from-the-past Wednesday at the DeKalb...
Helicopter makes emergency landing in marshy water off Jones Beach
The whirlybird landed in the low water near the Loop Parkway around 4:15 p.m., a Nassau...
Cuomo declines apology to Orthodox Jewish community over COVID-19 lockdown
Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that he sees no reason to offer an apology to Brooklyn...
Lawyer for Trump in E. Jean Carroll defamation case denied courthouse entry
A Department of Justice lawyer sent to defend President Trump in a defamation case brought by...
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