October 30, 2020 - French terror attacks are a stark warning to US voters
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Bill de Blasio's bid to quash the Mets sale is sleazy and self-indulgent
We are tired of Mayor de Blasio's sanctimonious self-indulgence long ago, but now he's topped himself — secretly working to kill the deal to sell the Mets to Steve Cohen….
Sohrab Ahmari
French terror attacks are a stark warning to US voters
On Thursday, a knife-wielding assailant crying "Allahu Akbar" murdered three people at the Catholic basilica of...
Glenn Greenwald exits Intercept, damning the lockstep liberal media
Pulitzer-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald just quit the publication he co-founded, The Intercept, after its editors refused...
Stu Burguiere
On COVID-19, Andrew Cuomo damned himself with his own words
As COVID-19 was spreading at breakneck speed throughout New York, Gov. Cuomo took bold and brave...
Rich Lowry
The left is flipping out over Brett Kavanaugh's common-sense opinion on election rules
For now, Vladimir Putin has been supplanted as the chief threat to the integrity of the...
Trump's smashing court success and other commentary
Conservative: Trump's Smashing Court Success With Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation, President Trump is now clearly "the...
Gladden Pappin
The Vatican's just-renewed agreement with China follows an ancient pattern
It's the last full week of presidential campaigning, so Americans might be excused for having missed...
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