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October 16, 2020 - Why the Amy Coney Barrett hearings were basically a waste all around
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Michael Goodwin
C-SPAN and Twitter prove the bias of Big Media and Big Tech: Goodwin
Et tu, C-SPAN? There is no end to the media bias against President Trump and his followers. The news that Steve Scully, the political editor of the bland television network,…
Rich Lowry
Why the Amy Coney Barrett hearings were basically a waste all around
Judge Amy Coney Barrett ­acquitted herself very well at her confirmation hearings, which means, quite often,...
Deconstructing Twitter's nonsensical excuses for suppressing Post's Hunter Biden scoops
With the flimsiest of excuses, Twitter prevented its users from sharing, even privately, Post reporting that...
David Harsanyi
Twitter's squelching of The Post makes absolutely no sense
Fewer than three weeks from a presidential election, perhaps the most vital platform for political news...
Douglas Murray
We Brits aren't enjoying America's export of political correctness
The world owes the United States a great debt. From security and trade to technology and...
Cuomo and de Blasio are killing everything nice in NYC
Grim signs keep piling up of the toll the Cuomo-de Blasio lockdown policies are taking on...
'Nothing to see' of Biden and other commentary
Conservative: 'Nothing To See' of Biden After The Post's story about a Burisma adviser's e-mail thanking...
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