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October 13, 2020 - Democrats don't dare say why they oppose Judge Barrett, so they lie instead
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Rich Lowry
Democrats' damning confusion over Amy Coney Barrett and ObamaCare
Amy Coney Barrett has ­accomplished many things in her career. Becoming an authority or a policy maker on health care isn't one of them. At the University of Notre Dame,…
Democrats don't dare say why they oppose Judge Barrett, so they lie instead
Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee devoted their opening statements on the Supreme Court nomination of...
Danny Pearl's killer won't walk — yet, anyway
Pakistan's Supreme Court made the right call last week, ensuring that one of the killers of...
O. Carter Snead
To heal America's wounds, we need to recall that we belong to one another
Mother Teresa said that "if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that...
Amanda Freemen
Gyms are open, but NYC's still killing the independent-fitness-studio industry
Mr. Mayor, let's get this straight: Indoor dining, indoor swimming, facials and gym workouts all got...
Nicholas DiMarzio
We shouldn't have to sue Gov. Cuomo to reopen our churches
Last week, the Diocese of Brooklyn, which I lead, filed a lawsuit in federal court, asking...
Please, Gov. Cuomo listen to the science and quit it with deadly lockdowns
When will Gov. Andrew Cuomo start listening to the science, as he tells everyone else to...
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