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October 8, 2020 - Pence does well hitting Harris, but election is all about Trump, Trump, Trump
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Michael Goodwin
Pence effectively went after Harris — and a very biased moderator: Goodwin
Going into Wednesday's showdown, Mike Pence had two big jobs. One, to defend the Trump administration's record, especially its response to the pandemic. Two, convincingly paint the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris…
John Podhoretz
Pence does well hitting Harris, but election is all about Trump, Trump, Trump
At the vice-presidential debate, Kamala Harris baldly claimed a President Joe Biden would do things it...
Miranda Devine
It's Democrats playing 'gaslight' on America: Devine
Who knows what wrong­doing will be revealed in the treasure trove of documents the president ordered...
Why are networks afraid to let voters ask Joe Biden some tough questions?
TV networks are airing free infomercials to help Joe Biden, then pretend, absurdly, that they are...
Tim Graham
NBC ignored ample evidence that its 'undecided' town-hall voters were actually pro-Biden
Beware the carefully scripted puffball "town halls" that have been organized by CNN and NBC to...
Steven Malanga
New Jersey pols pick a deadly time to try to legalize pot
Even before the pandemic, New Jersey was in crisis, with huge government debt, a sluggish economy...
A ridiculous litmus test for a Democratic mayoral debate
A Manhattan Democratic group that calls itself "NYC's progressive LGBTQ Democratic club" is excluding the only...
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