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November 28, 2020 - New York's COVID-19 positivity rate nears 4 percent
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Don't be fooled by a deceptive decline in coronavirus cases
A dip in COVID testing over the holidays may result in the false perception that the spread of the virus is slowing, experts warn....
New York's COVID-19 positivity rate nears 4 percent
New York's statewide coronavirus positivity rate has inched close to 4 percent. The overall rate, including virus hotspots, was 3.98 percent Friday with 6,063...
China demands recovering COVID-19 patients wait six months before donating blood
A Wuhan-based specialist told The Beijing News that although genetic material from the virus has rarely been found in blood donated by asymptomatic patients,...
Why government aides did not stop huge, maskless Jewish wedding in Brooklyn
The defiant chief rabbi of the Hasidic sect that held a massive secret wedding in Brooklyn told his followers days later, "We won't surrender."...
'West Wing' actor Richard Schiff warns of COVID-19 after close call
"You don't want to get this thing," the actor stressed.
Over 1,300 people in UK misdiagnosed with COVID-19 after lab error
Officials with the government's Test and Trace division contacted a total of 1,311 people who initially tested positive between Nov. 19 and Nov. 23...
FDNY won't require medics and firefighters to get new COVID-19 vaccine
New York City medics and firefighters will be among the first in line for the new COVID-19 vaccines as early as mid-December -- but...
Eric Clapton, Van Morrison join forces to help out-of-work musicians
Eric Clapton and Van Morrison are sick of what Britain's coronavirus lockdown is doing to their fellow musicians — and they're fighting back.
Pfizer's vaccine being flown on dry-ice packed United Airlines charter planes
United Airlines has already begun flying Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine into position — including trips to and from locations in the U.S. and Europe —...
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