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November 30, 2020 - New York hits highest COVID-19 positive-test rate since May, Cuomo says
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Cuomo looking to close 'loophole' allowing bad cops to keep police credentials
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday said he is looking at closing a loophole that could allow a cop accused of misconduct in one police department to get a…
New York hits highest COVID-19 positive-test rate since May, Cuomo says
New York just had its highest rate of positive COVID-19 tests since May, Gov. Andrew Cuomo...
Ex-prostitute Elisa Crespo vies to become first trans member of NYC Council
An ex-prostitute who was busted in a police sting is running to become the first trans...
NYC sends TLC workers to defiant SI bar, which locks doors and says closed
The city sent taxi sheriffs Sunday to crack down on a Staten Island bar owner who...
NYS Assembly hearing on mayor's control of NYC school system in mid-December
The New York State Assembly plans to hold a hearing in mid-December on whether mayoral control...
Nearly one-third of NY, NJ small businesses reportedly closed in 2020
It has been a bad year for ma and pa. Nearly one-third of small businesses in...
Fans who want to see Rockefeller Center Christmas tree will need tickets: mayor
People who want to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree this year will have to get...
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