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November 14, 2020 - Joe Biden must show Mideast allies he won't abandon them to Iran's cold mercies
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Jonah Goldberg
AOC gets the hype, but Joe Manchin's approach is the winner for the Democratic Party
Here's something you probably won't hear from either the left or the right: West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is a much more important and influential Democrat than New York Rep….
Joe Biden must show Mideast allies he won't abandon them to Iran's cold mercies
America's election results were barely in before Iran started telling Arab states to bend the knee,...
MSNBC's exodus to work for Joe Biden shows it's been shilling for him all along
A steady stream of MSNBC contributors is going to work for Joe Biden — a neat...
David Marcus
Liberal media hides its darling love affair with Joe Biden
Journalist and historian Jon Meacham was a big fan of Joe Biden's acceptance speech last Saturday...
Scott Stringer's latest sad bid to buy votes with taxpayer funds
It didn't take long for 2021 mayoral wannabe Comptroller Scott Stringer to lay down his big-spender...
Max Raskin
As iconic NYC small businesses die off, the politicians just shrug
Mayor de Blasio and I go to the same barber, but we'll soon have to stop:...
Karol Markowicz
Bill de Blasio's new not-remotely-scientific school shutdown shows again that kids come last
Here we go again — putting kids last. On Friday, Mayor de Blasio warned parents to...
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