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November 21, 2020 - Joe Biden can calm Iran war talk by backing off vow to bring back Obama's nuke deal
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Karol Markowicz
Our hypocritical leaders refuse to obey their own COVID-19 rules
Wearing a mask is important. For you and those around you. For elected officials? Not so much. Actually, all the COVID rules are for us, not them. COVID-19, and the…
Joe Biden can calm Iran war talk by backing off vow to bring back Obama's nuke deal
Joe Biden's victory has touched off new fears of war with Iran, yet there's a way...
Bill de Blasio thinks he's 'saving' by putting bills on the credit card
Even for Mayor de Blasio, it's an outrageous scam: He keeps proudly announcing "savings" that are...
'Peanuts' will be broadcast for the holidays after all — thanks, Apple!
Kudos to the folks at Apple TV+ for sharing the Peanuts joy: Though they'd bought exclusive...
Jonah Goldberg
Cancel student-loan debt? That's making the working class subsidize the elite!
One good rule of thumb is to judge parties and politicians by their priorities. Look at...
Kathryn Jean Lopez
Please, Gov. Cuomo — don't take away the Mass again
I go to Mass every day. Yes, that's a thing. And yes, you, too, can go...
Brooke A. Rogers
You're not my dad, Gov. Cuomo — and please stop pretending
Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a parenting problem. Not with his own children, but with the 8...
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