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November 22, 2020 - Larry Fink has faith in America's comeback — and so should you
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Michael Goodwin
Time is just not on Trump's side to overturn 2020 election results: Goodwin
In calendar time, it's less than three weeks since the election. In political time, it's beginning to feel like an eternity. President Trump has every right to pursue substantive court…
Charles Gasparino
Larry Fink has faith in America's comeback — and so should you
Investors have a way of sniffing out the truth, and what they're sniffing now in terms...
Americans held hostage: a challenge for Joe Biden
Last month's heroic rescue of a US hostage, Philip Walton, in Nigeria serves as a sharp...
This 'soak the rich' tax would destroy economies of New York and New Jersey
Lawmakers in New York and New Jersey just won't be happy until they drive Wall Street...
The Left's 'big-turnout' myth and other commentary
Election journal: Left's 'big-turnout' myth At City Journal, Nate Hochman recalls how "progressives take it as...
Kyle Smith
To gatekeepers refusing a Trump memoir: Capitalism rewards free speech
Few presidents can resist the temptation to publish a score-settling memoir and bask in the hoopla,...
'Peanuts' will be broadcast for the holidays after all — thanks, Apple!
Kudos to the folks at Apple TV+ for sharing the Peanuts joy: Though they'd bought exclusive...
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