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November 24, 2020 - Biden climate envoy John Kerry is a lifelong joke
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Betsy McCaughey
Vaccine plans are professional and good to go — unless Team Biden screws everything up
Joe Biden is fearmongering that "more people may die," because Team Trump hasn't begun shifting oversight over COVID-19 vaccines to Team Biden: "There was a plan for 300 million doses…
Biden climate envoy John Kerry is a lifelong joke
What was Joe Biden thinking for his choice of climate-change ambassador extraordinaire? John Kerry is one...
Jonathan Schanzer
How Trump can expose biggest lie in Middle East: Palestinian 'refugee' myth
The Trump administration may be on its way out, but it can still ­advance American interests...
Rich Lowry
Get ready for major backlash to the next wave of lockdowns
The backlash is coming. It already seems clear that the first major political and cultural eruption...
NYC is still passing laws as if the pandemic didn't change everything
In yet another sign the city's elected leaders are in deep denial about the pandemic's long-term...
NYC's school closing makes zero sense
Zero point two percent: That's the rate at which people in the city's public-school system have...
Progressives' elitist college-debt plan and other commentary
Economist: Left's Elitist College-Debt Plan "Progressive calls for President-elect Joe Biden to forgive student debt in...
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