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For Russia

andersmith600dec: 4800P-600P
andersmith450dec: 3600P-450P
dobryimao350dec: 2700P-350P
letyshops200dec: 1600P-200P
letyshops12new: 1000P-250P

For CIS Countries
/Страны СНГ/

ITOGI2000: -2000P
ITOGI1500: -1500P
ITOGI1000: -1000P
ITOGI800: -800P
salehub600dec: -600P
salehub450dec: -450P
alilove350dec: -350P
PANDAO2020: 2000P-250P
admitad200ny: 1600P-200P
backit200ny: 1600P-200P
healthail200ny: 1600P-200P
newsmail200ny: 1600P-200P
letyshops200ny: 1600P-200P
giftali200ny: 1600P-200P
epn200ny: 1600P-200P
uberdeal200dec: -200P

For Spain

3WMES3: €30-€3
DECESELL4: €35-€4
3WMES6: €55-€б
DECESELL8: €б0-€8
20CUPONATION7: €71-€7
3WMES10: €80-€10