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December 3, 2020 - Gary Cohn still hasn't paid Goldman Sachs in clawbacks over scandal
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American brands top list of world's worst plastic polluters
In 2020, 346,494 pieces of plastic waste were found that didn't make it to a trashcan or landfill.
Gary Cohn still hasn't paid Goldman Sachs in clawbacks over scandal
It has been six weeks since Goldman Sachs clawed back millions of dollars from top executives...
Uber reportedly in talks to sell flying taxi division
Uber shares spiked more than 6 percent Wednesday after reports emerged that the company was looking...
Meredith taps digital exec Catherine Levene, 1st woman to lead its mags
For the first time in its 119-year history, media giant Meredith Corp. has tapped a female...
NYU professor sues colleagues amid COVID-19 mask controversy
A New York University professor sued fellow faculty members for libel this week after they complained...
Amazon reportedly in talks to buy podcast startup Wondery
Amazon is in talks to buy podcast startup Wondery with a valuation of over $300 million,...
European officials say UK rushed approval of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine
European Union officials slammed the UK on Wednesday for rushing its landmark approval of Pfizer's coronavirus...
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