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December 4, 2020 - CDC calls for 'universal' mask use indoors in new guidance
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Meet the nurse tasked with one of the most heartbreaking jobs of the pandemic
Decked out in head-to-toe personal protective gear, Alma Abad arranges visits between families and their sick relatives at Roseland Community Hospital on the city's...
CDC calls for 'universal' mask use indoors in new guidance
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued fresh guidance Friday calling for the "universal use" of face masks indoors. The recommendation comes as...
Moderna says its vaccine provides COVID-19 immunity for at least three months
Moderna's vaccine against COVID-19 has been shown to create immunity against the bug for at least three months, the biotech company said. Thirty-four healthy...
Pelosi, now willing to make deal, says COVID-19 aid will be done by Christmas
WASHINGTON — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday vowed that Congress would not leave for the Christmas holidays without reaching a deal on coronavirus...
Battle brewing over COVID-19 testing requirements in NYC schools
City principals are set to clash with parents who haven't submitted COVID-19 testing consent forms but still want their kids in class when schools...
Teen learns she has COVID-19 after Starbucks taste test TikTok video
This teen's TikTok taste test was a tell-tale clue.
Delta will be the first US airline to help CDC with COVID-19 contact tracing
Delta Air Lines says it will become the first US carrier to help the feds trace the contacts of international travelers who fly while...
Obituary for Kansas COVID-19 victim rips anti-maskers
An obituary for a Kansas farmer slammed anti-maskers for contributing to the spread of COVID-19 that left him for dead. Marvin James Farr, 81,...
Bryan Cranston still can't fully taste and smell after COVID-19
Cranston and his wife, Robin Dearden, contracted the virus back in March.
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