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December 3, 2020 - Heavy-handed COVID-19 lockdown rules are an all-around disaster
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CNN liberal apologists caught burying The Post's Hunter Biden exposé: Devine
The collusion of mainstream media and Big Tech to censor The Post's Hunter Biden story now is laid bare in leaked recordings of CNN's news meetings from the time. CNN…
Betsy McCaughey
Heavy-handed COVID-19 lockdown rules are an all-around disaster
"Public hypocrisy fuels public rage and undermines the rules." Across the nation, businesses are defying governors,...
Amazon sets hiring records — but local left killed NYC's big chance
Amazon is setting hiring records amid the pandemic — but New Yorkers are missing out, thanks...
Dominic Green
Biden admin looks like one more try at liberal technocratic government
Technocracy, climate cultism & dumb wars Are you ready for the Great Reset? It's the Great...
John Podhoretz
Joe Biden still doesn't realize what the voters that Democrats have lost actually want
The voters Dems lost don't want what you think. Joe Biden wants rural Americans to know...
Rashida Tlaib's all-too-telling anti-Israel tweet
Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib insists she's not an anti-Semite but keeps proving otherwise. The latest was...
Ray McGuire's setting the right agenda for NYC's 2021 mayoral race
Former Citigroup chief Ray McGuire officially entered the 2021 mayoral race Wednesday — offering independence and...
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