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December 8, 2020 - Crime is killing USA's cities — if we just move away, it will follow us
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Rich Lowry
COVID-19 hit the working class hardest — just when it was finally doing better
Just when it seemed some of the most disheartening trends in the US economy were finally beginning to reverse, COVID arrived to entrench them. The pandemic has been a neutron…
Karol Markowicz
Crime is killing USA's cities — if we just move away, it will follow us
It doesn't have to be this way. American cities are on the brink. Violent crime is...
Matthew McConaughey: A Hollywood star who actually thinks for himself
It's nice to see that some Hollywood A-listers refuse to be mindless mouthpieces for whackadoodle leftism....
Ray Domanico
By bending to teachers union, de Blasio repeatedly fails NY schoolchildren
Mayor de Blasio's decision to reopen the schools to preschool and elementary kids this week is...
NY's job-killers trying to 'preserve' industrial wasteland in Flushing
Heedless of the dire economic perils the city faces in the wake of the pandemic, New...
Avoiding vaccine puts everyone else at risk — double for first responders
"They're called the Bravest, not the Smartest," cracked one FDNY member, referring to firefighters who say...
Extremist epidemiologists and other commentary
Libertarian: Extremist Epidemiologists A New York Times survey of 700 epidemiologists reveals that several believe it...
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